Living with the in-laws

I don't want to be here. I don't want to look at their faces and greet them with a smile and say hello, it's fake and I hate it. I just don't want to see their faces every morning, noon and night. I keep telling my husband but he doesn't understand. He just doesn't want to … Continue reading Living with the in-laws


Friday night fight

It's Friday night and as promised by my husband I was looking forward to cuddling and watch a movie and maybe later wouldn't mind making love. By the time he got home, he had made plans with his friend to meet up with him and his wife for drinks, when I was asked I get ready, … Continue reading Friday night fight

Isolation is better than drama

High school days, I was running with the so-called 'it crowd'. I was glad that I somehow fitted in with the 'it girls' and kind of looked down upon the rest of the losers. I was not mean or bitchy but I did not want to be seen or make further connections except a simple … Continue reading Isolation is better than drama

Cheating Marathon Runner

What would you have done if you hear rumors about your husband sending out a picture of his privates and on top of that the reason for him to complete a 3-mile marathon was to impress someone else and that someone else was clearly not the wife AKA me. The source; from someone I trust. … Continue reading Cheating Marathon Runner

When consumed in lies

I want to take a bow and end this now and forever. I'm tired and have been tired for a very long time. I have struggled with low self-esteem and now I have been struggling with being unattractive. What hurts the most is, when you hear him say that how unattractive you are in his eyes. I … Continue reading When consumed in lies

Struggles never end

when I was young, just like the other kids, I thought the world was mine. That it was pure and filled with love and honesty. As I was growing up, things began to change and incidents around me seemed to be more dramatic. Reality. It was hard for me to swallow. But I had no … Continue reading Struggles never end

What is missing

I thought after getting married all my problems would have been sorted. I have the perfect man, his actually a dream come true and complete opposite of my ex but two years down the line, I hear something which I have dreaded to hear, especially about him. I'm not Sherlock Holmes anymore so I decided to … Continue reading What is missing

Feelings and dealings

Tapping on my door, I'm distracted, confused and scared. The tapping becomes louder and louder. I cover my ears and shut my eyes real tight and fall on the floor. The floor is cold and pricky, I'm uncomfortable. The tapping continues and it makes me agitated even more now. "Let me be" I shout look … Continue reading Feelings and dealings